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Sarfraz A. Choudhary, M.D., F.A.C.P.

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Are you worried or confused about your immigration medical exam, the exam immigrants need to become permanent residents of the United States? The helpful staff at Infectious Diseases Tropical Medicine and Travel Clinic in Lansdowne, Virginia, can explain which official forms you need and how to fill them out so that you feel prepared and confident for this important exam. Sarfraz A. Choudhary, MD, is certified by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to conduct these types of exams. If you want more information about immigration medical exams, call the clinic or make an appointment with Dr. Choudhary online today.

Immigration Medical Exam Q & A

What is an immigration medical exam?

If you are an immigrant wanting to become a permanent resident of the United States, you need an immigration medical exam. Only a doctor designated by United States Citizenship Immigration Services, or USCIS, can conduct this exam. Dr. Choudhary at Infectious Diseases Tropical Medicine and Travel Clinic is a certified by the USCIS, which means he’s a civil surgeon designated by the US government.

Not having this exam conducted properly by a designated doctor can delay your application process. Dr. Choudary has years of experience performing immigration medical exams and is familiar with the government’s mandatory technical instructions. The clinic provides all the required immunizations, tests, and X-ray services.


How do I prepare for an immigration medical exam?

You need to collect all your medical records and vaccination and immunizations reports. You also need to bring your passport, a Form I-693: Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination record. If you have a chronic or serious medical condition, you need records to prove that the condition is under control.

For the Form I-693, you must fill out the first part, but don’t sign it. Dr. Choudhary fills out the rest of the form throughout the exam and signs it at the end.


What can I expect during an immigration medical exam?

During this exam, Dr. Choudhary conducts a medical history review, physical examination to screen for certain medical conditions, and orders chest X-rays and blood tests. This exam is not a complete physical. The purpose of it is to screen for certain conditions that are relevant to the US immigration law, as outlined in Form I-693. Dr. Choudhary can administer appropriate required vaccinations not listed in your vaccination records.


What happens after the immigration medical exam?

Dr. Choudhary fills out and signs the Form I-693 and includes any appropriate supporting documents in the official envelope before sealing and handing it over to you. You, then, must submit the documents as directed in the form.

Dr. Choudhary reports your health and weighs in on any conditions that may affect your citizenship eligibility, but it is up to the USCIS to make the final decision on your visa or green card status.

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